An Amazing Kriss Law/Atlantic Testimonial

Matt Slowik Liana Arvay, Esq.

Needham, MA--At Kriss Law/Atlantic, it has always been our philosophy that the many great testimonials that we receive are not necessarily meant to be shared. However, occassionally, we are so wowed by a note from a client, we feel that it is a imperative to publish.

Many thanks to our great friend and client Matt Slowik of the Santana Properties Team at Keller Williams Realty Cambridge for his very kind words about our great Associate, Attorney Liana Arvay:

Liana worked on both the sell and the buy sides for transactions which closed last week. From where I stood, saying that these transactions were challenging is something of an understatement, though realizing that everyone thinks that their own hard deals are always extra terrible, I think that it's at least fair to say that we were presented with a couple of unique situations. From start to finish, Liana was absolutely awesome, and I'm honestly not sure we would have made it to the finish line in one piece without her. I'm looking forward to working with her in the future and will continue to sing her praises to everyone on our team

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